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JF Real Estate is a full service commercial and residential real estate brokerage company.  We represent owners who are looking for a professional organization to list their properties for lease or sale and we provide them with a complete marketing strategy as to how we are going to get the lease or sale accomplished.

Currently, JF Real Estate represents over 3,000,000 square feet of real estate in the Syracuse marketplace. On the commercial side, the properties we represent can range anywhere from well managed, fully maintained properties with occupancy rates that exceed the industry average; to vacant buildings positioned for redevelopment. On the residential side, we represent homes for sale as well as buyers looking for homes.

In both commercial and residential, we provide expert market analysis that assists the client to make the best decision based on their needs.

Tenant Representation

JF Real Estate provides tenant representation that assures the client will receive accurate and thorough site selection, and diligent lease negotiation.  This enables our clients to grow their businesses according to their vision without having the worries of dealing with a typical agents agenda.

When it comes to real estate, we feel that it’s much more than just “location, location, location”.  We feel the space must check a number of boxes. For example, it must (1) have a responsive Landlord and management team, (2) present the image you wish to convey, (3) be the most efficient use of square footage, and (4) be able attract and retain the right employees, customers, or clients.

Since real estate is typically one of biggest expenses of a company, the decision to buy or lease a space can be intimidating, especially when there is a long term commitment involved. Let JF Real Estate take the lead on a process that requires knowledge of the markets, financial analysis, negotiation skills, and familiarity with real estate documents.

Owner Representation

JF Real Estate represents Owners who are looking to sell or lease their real estate and assist them in finding the right buyer or tenant.

Our 38 + years of experience representing some of the most prestigious properties in the greater Syracuse area and over 3,000,000 square feet of exclusive representation shows our strong ability to keep our clients happy and supports our strong reputation.

Although we have built strong relationships over the years, we are continuing to pursue new relationships and opportunities.

Property Management

Our affiliated company, Partnership Properties, Inc. is a locally owned property management company that owns and manages some of the most prestigious properties in the city of Syracuse. Its 42+ years of experience with the City is instrumental in doing business downtown.

All of the properties managed by Partnership Properties are exclusively represented by JF Real Estate.

Architecture & Design

At JF Real Estate we have in-house architects and space planners that can provide first class architectural, interior designing, and space planning services.

Construction & Development

Our business relationships with many different construction companies in Central New York have allowed us to be extremely flexible and competitive without sacrificing quality.  When applicable, we work directly with the construction management firm chosen to ensure each project gets the expertise and attention it deserves.

Investment Sales

Using our comprehensive market expertise and our proven communication methods, JF Real Estate effectively and efficiently represents investors in office, industrial, retail, and multi-family residential income-producing properties.

Whether you are looking to liquidate or further invest, JF Real Estate will leverage our resources to deliver solutions that ensure your maximum value, benefit, and return on investment.


We are fortunate to have a strategic alliance with Larew, Doyle & Associates which is one of the most talented property debt and equity investment alternative companies in the Northeast.  If you would like to meet or speak with someone at Larew, Doyle & Associates please let us know and we will put them in touch with you!

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