What Clients Say

Matt F. and the team at JF Real Estate were excellent. We used them to help us find a commercial office location in Syracuse that checked a number of boxes off for us. Matt was consultative, always available to answer questions, and was more than helpful. Our market research company, Drive Research, would highly recommend.

George Kuhn

JF Real Estate is outstanding. They helped me get into literally the perfect house, and IT WAS NOT EASY… I’m confident without their help it never would have happened. I’m a first-time homeowner now because they went the extra mile to prevent a very difficult deal from falling apart…As we toured more homes I found that my interests changed, and Matt worked with me to adjust the type of spaces we looked at together so we never toured a place that didn’t have potential for me to buy…There were multiple times where I was 99.9% sure the deal was dead in the water, but Matt never gave up & was always available to answer questions when it mattered most. ..What could have been an arduous, horrendous, demoralizing experience was manageable with JF Real Estate at my side. They treated me like family and I will never forget how they helped me get into this life-changing home!

Justin D’Antonio
Matthew was great to work with. He helped me with a property sale from out of state. The process was fast and Matthew was on top of all details. Glad to have chosen JF Real Estate.
Paula Becker

Fantasic experience! Matthew and Paul were kind and efficient, helping us find both and apartment and a commercial space quickly. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience, highly recommend!

Betsy Clifton

Absolutely amazing company. Would recommend anyone who needs office space contact them. NoBullCON is very happy with our office and their service.

John Timmerman

Everyone at JF Real Estate is a pleasure to work with, friendly and professional. I would highly recommend them!

Michele Beard

Everyone I had to deal with during my 2 year stay at the White Memorial Building was very personable and responsive. They all made sure to answer any request or issue I had.

Chris N

Great experience.

Jeremy Cali


Joseph Rinkevage