Welcome to JF Real Estate


JF Real Estate is a multifaceted real estate brokerage company based in the heart of Central New York.  In fact, we are much more than your typical real estate brokerage company.  Along with our affiliates, JF Real Estate provides a wide array of skills and services including Brokerage, Development, Tenant & Owner Representation, Site Selection, Space Planning, Architecture, Design, Construction, Financing, and Property Management.

Brokerage ServicesBrokerage Services

  • JF Real Estate is a full service commercial and residential real estate brokerage company.  We represent owners who are looking for a professional organization to list their properties for lease or sale and we provide them with a complete marketing strategy as to how we are going to get the lease or sale accomplished.
  • Currently, JF Real Estate represents over 3,300,000 square feet of office and commercial space in the Syracuse and Central New York marketplace.
  • The buildings we represent are well managed, fully maintained properties with occupancy rates that exceed the industry average.
  • We provide expert market analysis that assists the client to make the best decision based on their needs. Our market knowledge is second to none.
  • On the residentia side, JF Real Estate’s standardized operating procedure policy requires all prospective homebuyers to have a written mortgage loan pre-approval or pre-qualification as a prerequisite to home viewing. JF Real Estate does not require clients to sign an exclusive broker agreement or to provide proof of identity prior to viewing homes.

Tenant RepresentationTenant Representation

  • JF Real Estate can provide outstanding tenant representation that assures the client not only will receive excellence in site selection and lease negotiation but a strong professional working relationship as well.  This enables our clients to grow their businesses according to their vision without having the worries of dealing with a typical agents agenda.
  • We represent tenants who are looking to buy or lease commercial real estate and we provide them with a thorough examination and review of what is available in the marketplace.
  • When it comes to real estate, we feel that it’s much more than just “location location location”.  We feel the space must present the image you wish to convey, be the most efficient, and be able attract and retain the right employees, customers, or clients.
  • Not only is there a lot at stake for your company when finding real estate, but the process itself can be intimidating.  Let JF Real Estate take the lead on a process that requires knowledge of the markets, financial analysis, negotiation skills, and familiarity with real estate documents.
  • Since real estate is typically one of biggest expenses of a company, the decision to buy or lease a space cannot be taken lightly, especially when there is a long term commitment involved.

Owner RepresentationOwner Representation

  • JF Real Estate represents Landlords who are looking to sell or lease commercial real estate and assist them in finding the right buyer or tenant.
  • Our 16 + years of experience representing some of the most prestigious properties in the Greater Syracuse Area and over 3.3 Million square feet of exclusive representation shows our strong ability to keep our clients happy and supports our outstanding reputation.
  • We have built very strong relationships over the years and have become experts in the marketplace.  We continue to go after opportunities with persistence and ensure our clients will receive professional dedicated service.


  • Having a team with vast experience in the retail, office, and warehouse industries, JF Real Estate is capable of a wide variety of development opportunities.

Architecture & DesignArchitecture & Design

  • At JF Real Estate we have in-house architects and space planners that are some of the most experienced professionals in the industry providing first class architectural, interior designing, and space planning services.


  • Our business relationships with many of the most well respected and successful construction companies in Central New York have allowed us to be extremely flexible and competitive without sacrificing quality.  We work directly with the construction management firm chosen to ensure each project gets the expertise and attention it deserves.

Single Source Full Service Approach“Single Source Full Service Approach”

  • We offer a single source approach to clients that is truly unique.  There are other companies that can offer a Design/Build approach but our company takes it to the next level by adding full service brokerage to the package.  With our real estate expertise, we can broker the right deal for a location that matches your needs.  The expert in-house Architect and Design team members can then professionally design your space in accordance with your visions and needs.  Then we reach out to our professional construction companies to secure a company that can then manage and carry out the build out of your space on time and within budget.
  • This full service approach sets us apart from our competitors and with our strategic alliances, we offer superior experience and expertise to support each important part of the process all while simplifying communication, saving time, money and eliminating much of the hassle typically involved.

Property ManagementProperty Management

  • Our affiliated company, Partnership Properties, Inc. owns and manages some of the most prestigious properties in the City of Syracuse and its 30+ years of experience with the City is instrumental in doing business downtown.
  • Partnership Properties is a locally owned management company that is very well respected within the city and backed with a tremendous reputation.

Investment SalesInvestment Sales

  • Using our comprehensive market expertise and our proven communication methods, JF Real Estate effectively and efficiently represents investors in office, industrial, retail, and multi-family residential income-producing properties.
  • If you are looking to liquidate your investment, JF Real Estate will leverage our resources to deliver solutions that surpass your expectations and ensure your maximum value, benefit, and return on investment.


  • We are fortunate to have a strategic alliance with Larew, Doyle & Associates which is one of the most talented property debt and equity investment alternative companies in the Northeast.  If you would like to meet or speak with someone at Larew, Doyle & Associates please let us know and we will put them in touch with you!