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Strategic Alliances

JF Real Estate has secured strong partnerships and working relationships with a variety of organizations and individuals.  These alliances allow JF Real Estate to be a single point of contact for almost any real estate project.  This approach allows our clients to benefit by using the services of pre-qualified professional firms and individuals.  By selecting JF Real Estate as your partner, you not only get a reputable, capable commercial real estate firm, but you instantaneously have the opportunity to link with and benefit from our long-standing allegiances with these entities.  Below lists the management company and the finance company that JF Real Estate has a strategic alliance with.

Partnership Properties, Inc.
Partnership Properties, Inc. is locally owned by Tony Fiorito who owns and manages some of the most prestigious properties in the City of Syracuse.  His 30+ years of experience with the City of Syracuse is instrumental in doing business downtown.   Tony Fiorito and Partnership Properties, Inc. are very well respected, and along with JF Real Estate, owns or represents approximately 2.5 million square feet of commercial real estate in Syracuse, NY.

Larew, Doyle & Associates
Larew, Doyle & Associates offers a full range of commercial property debt and equity alternatives for a full range of real estate in the Northeast United States.  As principal of Larew, Doyle & Associates, Andrew Larew oversees the origination, analysis, and underwriting of mortgage & equity investments as well as the structuring and negotiating of debt equity and hybrid financial structures.  Andrew has financed many forms of office, retail, hotel, and multifamily property throughout his career. 

JF Real Estate also has built strategic alliances with companies that handle Construction, Building Maintenance, Telecommunications, Energy Management, Legal, Security, and Relocation Services.

Strategic Alliances

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